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I'm excited to have worked with Dr. Joel Comiskey on another title this year.  Reap the Harvest: Making Disciples through Holistic Small Group Ministry  is sure to be a fantastic book for those doing small group ministry.  

Reap the Harvest: Making Disciples Through Holistic Small Group Ministry

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Jeff Rhoades - The Bible, Dimensions, and the Spiritual Realm: Are heaven, angels, and God closer than we think?

The Bible tells of a spiritual realm where heaven, angels, and God reside. Where is this mysteriously invisible realm? Science has opened the door to the possibility of higher spatial dimensions. Could this be where heaven is? Using God’s Word, this book will present evidence for the reality of the spiritual realm and also lay out the scientific evidence, from Einstein’s theory of relativity to string theory, that points to the possibility of a higher dimension or dimensions. Through this book, the everyday Christian will learn how to view the spiritual dimension or spiritual realm in a deeper way and will see clearly that there is much more to our universe than meets the eye. The seeking skeptic will also be presented with evidence that God is real and the Bible is His communication to man. The foundation is laid from the Bible, from science and from understanding that we are three-dimensional beings created by a Grand Programmer to live in the physical and spiritual universe. Because of sin, mankind lost the ability to see the spiritual realm, but through Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit, we can once again access the spiritual realm and live fully as God our creator intends.

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Joel Comiskey - How to Be a Great Cell Group Coach

Research has proven that the greatest contributor to cell group success is the quality of coaching provided for cell group leaders. Many are serving in the position of a coach, but they don't fully understand what they are supposed to do in this position. Joel Comiskey has identified seven habits of great cell group coaches. These include:
• Receiving from God.
• Listening to the needs of the cell group leader.
• Encouraging the cell group leader.
• Caring for the multiple aspects of a leader's life.
• Developing the cell leader in various aspects of leadership.
• Strategizing with the cell leader to create a plan.
• Challenging the cell leader to grow.

Practical insights on how to develop these seven habits are outlined in section one. Section two addresses how to polish your skills as a coach with instructions on diagnosing problems in a cell group, how to lead coaching meetings, and what to do when visiting a cell group meeting. This book will prepare you to be a great cell group coach, one who mentors, supports, and guides cell group leaders into great ministry.

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Elmer Towns - I Am Jesus: Let's Change the World

How can I change the world? The message of salvation (Good News) is powerful (Romans 1:16). It is powerful to transform your life. That’s because I came to change your life. First, I change your inner world . . . your desires, attitudes, motives and love. You will love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul and mind. Then second, I can change your surrounding world . . . your family . . . your work . . . your hobbies . . . your entertainment . . . even your language and habits. This second world involves your church, home, school and place of employment. Then, third, I want to change the world out there. Let’s evangelize lost people in your neighborhood . . . a new church plant . . . the mission field. You can change the world either marginally or largely. Let Me use you to change the world.

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